Scotopic Nightscapes – Rome PLDC

Revealing Cultural Heritage in the Cycladic Darkness

We presented together with Aleksandra Stratimirovic our research paper entitled “Scotopic Nightscapes: Revealing Cultural Heritage in the Cycladic darkness”  at the leading  global architectural lighting convention PLDC 2015 in Rome.

The paper examines an experimental light installation on the threshold of mesopic/scotopic vision  that took place at the island of Kea in Cyclades within the context of the  Rethink the Night 2014 workshop*. The design brief of the installation encouraged the application of low level lighting technologies and phosphorescence-aided scotopic lighting techniques in a darkness-minded concept.

Publication: Danilof, A., & Stratimirovic, A. , ‘ Scotopic nightscapes: Revealing cultural heritage in the Cycladic darkness’, Proceedings of the 5th PLDC Global Lighting Design Convention,28-31 October 2015 in Rome.  Gütersloh,Via – Verlag, 2015, pp. 152-155.

* The Rethink the Night workshop was held  by the Hellenic Illumination Committee (CIE Member) in cooperation with the Department of Master Studies in Lighting Design of Wismar University of Applied Sciences, the Design Forum of Coburg & the Kuffner Observatory of Vienna under the educational direction of  Dr.–Ing. Georgios Paissidis.

Photo credits: Rethink the Night, N. Krüger, K. P. Yannopoulos