heroon square in elefsina *

The historic seaside town of Elefsina is home to the very important archaeological site of the Elefsenian Mysteries (800BC-396AD) and the birthplace of tragedian Aeschylous (525BC). Today it is a major industrial centre and a large oil refinery site. Heroon Square is the central node of the town that lead to the entrance of the illuminated archae0logical site ( see yellow dot ).

The lighting for the regenerated square allows for great nocturnal views of the illuminated archaeological site by forming a low luminance -glare free environment along the walking axis to the entrance.

Each custom designed luminaire ( in collaboration with Artemide Hellas S.A. ) is directionally orientated all along the plan in order to point  – day and night – to the archaeological site

Visual contrast is reinforced by applying cooler white light to the square in contrast to the warm white light of the archaeological site.

The distinctive diagonal -axial nature of the new landscape is enhanced by low level linear lighting.